Questionnaire for concrete works
Please fill the form for job interview
During the filling you would need to tell about your work experience and upload the photo. Please make the photo in advance in .png or .jpeg format, ask someone to help you. If you are not able to upload the photo for some reason, please ask help in nearest office (see contact details).
Samples of photos
Quality of the photo:
• Not older than 6 months
• 35-40 mm wide
• Close-up head and upper part of shoulders,
head is taking 70-80% of the photo
• Sharp focus
• High quality
Photo requirements:
• Only one person
• Straight look
• Relevant brightness and contrast
• Natural skin colour
The following is allowed:
• Smile and take the neutral pose
• Combined with a smile show your teeth
• Both sides of the face should be visible, from the chin to the top of the forehead
Information about eyeglasses:
• Eyes should be clearly seen on the photo without reflecting in glasses
• There are no tinted glasses or any magnifying arcs that block the eyes or part of the face
The following is not allowed on the photo:
• Headgear eg. hat, safety helmet, bicycle helmet and cap, etc.
• The wig or face mask
• Shawl or scarf
• Protective or sunglasses
• Clothes causing the glare
• Promotional items
The following is not allowed on the photo:
• Shadows on the background
• Hands on face or in front of face
• Open mouth
• People staying in front or blinking
• Grimace
• Eyeglasses on the head
• Profile photo
• The look is not directed at the camera
• Too wide smile
• Too tightly closed mouth
The picture of printed photo is not allowed
Too close
Inappropriate background
Off center
Too far
Look away
Unnatural skin tone
Glasses on the head
Bicycle helmet
Facial hair
Hands in the frame
Hand on shoulder
Whole face is not visible
Head to the side
Closed eyes
Open mouth